Carlstrom Family Practice

We are a local family practice, and have been treating Sarasota residents and visitors for over 30 years (formerly named St. Armands Medical Center). When you come to us for treatment, you can be assured that you will be our top priority.

Pain Management and Addiction Treatment

Our medical practice specializes in treating opiate addictions with Buprenorphine (Suboxone). We also treat chronic painful conditions, anxiety, depression and ADHD. We use the Sinclair Method to treat alcohol addiction.

Since all of our doctors are generalists, we can manage some of your other issues such as hypertension and diabetes.

Our goal is for our patients to taper off all medications over time, although we realize that some patients prefer to stay on medications such as Buprenorphine because of chronic pain or to prevent relapse. And, we support that decision.

Our specialties

Our specialties include general and family medicine, addiction medicine and counseling, management of chronic pain and mental health issues.

Doctors and counselor

We have four doctors on staff, as well as a certified counselor, all with many years of experience. We work together to obtain the best results and outcomes for our patients. If additional expertise is needed, we will collaborate with other health professionals.

Our medical clinic in Sarasota, Florida

our office building
2650 Bahia Vista Street #207
Sarasota, Florida 34239
map of our office