About our medical practice

General practice

Although we specialize in opiate addictions and chronic painful conditions, we can manage some of your other medical issues such as hypertension and diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Opiate and alcohol addictions, including the Sinclair Method

All three doctors are certified to prescribe Buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone) to help people get off opiates. We also prescribe Vivitrol for both alcohol and opiate addictions. We have a licensed addiction counselor on staff. We use the Sinclair Method to treat alcohol addiction.

Chronic painful conditions

We treat medical issues such as failed back surgery. We are selective about which patients we accept. We do background checks, check the E-Force data base for controlled drug prescriptions, and we require previous doctors’ records.

Mental health

We treat anxiety, depression, attention deficit issues, and other mood disorders.

Insurance information

Although we do not accept insurance, we generate a receipt with proper coding, which allows most people to recover costs for out-of-network physicians. We make an effort not to overcharge patients or order unnecessary tests.