Meet our doctors

Dr Edward Carlstrom

Edward Carlstrom, MD

(also known as “doc Ed”)

I’ve been practicing medicine for 45 years, after graduating from St Louis University with a Doctor of Medicine degree. I worked in Urgent Care for most of my career, but during the past 15 years my specialties are addiction medicine, psychiatry and pain management.

I am patient oriented, doing the best for the patient and not for my own financial gain. I treat opiate addictions with Buprenophine (Suboxone) and injectable Naltrexone, and I have extensive experience treating anxiety, depression and pain management.


  • University: University of Washington. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • Medical School: St Louis University. Degree: Medical Doctor. Vice President of sophomore class.
  • Residency / Internship: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Rotating with emphasis on surgery.

Dr Espinosa

Oscar Espinosa, MD


  • University: National Academy of the Capital, Asuncion, Paraguay. Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Medical School: University of Asuncion School of Medicine, Asuncion, Paraguay. Degree: Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
  • Residencies: Hospital of the School of Medicine, Asuncion, Paraguay; Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Darby Pennsylvania; Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Experience

Carlstrom Family Practice, Sarasota Florida, since 2013 (Medical Doctor), pain management, Suboxone/Subutex

Lakewood Ranch Family Practice, Sarasota Florida, since 2013 (Medical Director), family practice

Med-Florida Health Services, Sarasota Florida, since 2005 (Medical Director), personal injury

Medical specialties

  • Internal medicine
  • Pain management, Suboxone/Subutex

Dr Fernando

Manelle Fernando, MD

Dr. Manelle Fernando is Board Certified in Bariatrics and specializes in Anti-Aging and Hormone treatments and cosmetic medicine. She has many years of experience and is passionate about prevention.

She is a member of the International Hormone Society and uses bioidentical hormones to treat her patients very effectively and naturally.

Dr. Fernando keeps herself updated on cosmetic treatments and trained in Paris, London and the US.